26 August 2010

The Vision Thing

My blog which I started here three years ago and promptly abandoned for two years after making the first couple entries has now arrived at a steady state. This post is a short explanation for what has been here for the last six posts and what I intend to write here for the foreseeable future. It may look random, but there is a method behind the randomness.

It is a system with four subsystems. The system is to report my recreational research which others might find useful. The four subsystems are those of the poet, the philosopher, the psychologist and the theologian. This post is labeled: literature. The subject is my writing. Every fourth post will be labeled: literature. The subjects will rotate regular; from my poet-self, next to my philosopher-self, next to my psychologist-self, finally to my theologian-self and then repeating, in order. The other three labels are: philosophy, psychology, and metaphysics. So far, I have kept to this system for six posts, every five days over the last thirty days.

The next post, on philosophy, is nearly complete; the one after that, on psychology, is close to a first draft. There are a number of other planned posts, some of which are now nothing but one sentence fragment. There is also a four-page glossy brochure, which a few folks in real life have seen. On page one I have the Coleman-Smith-Rider-Waite "Hermit" image. There is also an original drawing, a slogan, a sigil, and a number of other characteristics which I try and bring into my writing and hazards to avoid. Pages two through four have a similar form, symbolized by the Fool, the Chariot, and the Magician. The other features are tightly parallel in a format which is loosely patterned after an Occult Table of Correspondences such as Aleister Crowley's 777.

In addition to a catalog of my recreational research activity, this blog also serves as an association record. A couple years ago I took a class at the Houston Jung Center on Active Imagination, which was Jung's term for his trance technique. Active Imagination is closely related to self hypnosis. I asked the teacher what process goes on in our minds when we find ourselves daydreaming or in reverie and we are thinking the weirdest thing; and we stop and ask ourselves, "whatever made me think of that?" We try and work it backwards, but we are lost in a wilderness of weird grouped thoughts. She said it is an association process, like free association in Freudian Psychoanalysis. My blog posts are a map of this association process in my recreational research.

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