12 June 2010


The solstice is going to be here next week. This year I am going to make a big production around the occasion. I am going to perform a Jupiter rite. I started sketching up plans yesterday and I have decided to include all of the following features.

I am going to allocate most of the afternoon and the entire evening of Thursday the 24th. Thursday is the corresponding day for Jupiter (Thor's day), the solstice is on the 21st, and the full moon is on the 26th.

I constructed a tarot spread for guidance (not divination). It was enlightening and encouraging.

I am going to refrain from alcohol completely between now and then.

I am wearing my sapphire ring from now through the working.

I picked out a dense book to study for the twelve days between now and then: Science and Human Transformation, by William Tiller. I selected this book from the ones on my shelves which have blue covers.

Led Zeppelin IV, Zosa is my soundtrack for the peak portion.

I am going to invoke the spirit of an old family friend who has been passed for many years, whom I dearly loved, who was my hero for most of my youth, and whose particular skill set I could really use in my own life right now and for the foreseeable future. This is the intention of the work which is now a cross between a psychodrama script, neurolinguistic programming hypnotic trance work, and a chaos magic ritual. I am going to incorporate some nuances of his behavior which do not seem essential to his great skills but could spice things up.

I am going to wear a blue shirt, blue pants, and blue shoes on the day of the working.

Some other things which I may optionally include depending on time and resources and events between now and then:

There are some other people I have known who were or are kindly disposed towards me who possess the skills I am seeking. I may write to them or write about them or call them. There are fiction characters in plays and novels and movies with the characteristics I want to absorb. I may read some of this material and watch some of these videos. The main fictional characters I have in mind are King Arthur and King Richard Lionhearted. I have a bunch of material on these characters. I may do the Ciceros' Emperor pathworking from Garden of Pomegranates. I am thinking of fasting completely all day until the work is finished late Thursday night.

If I am extraordinarily fortunate a massive thunderstorm will manifest late in the afternoon near the time when my trance goes ballistic.

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